CultureWe live in a world that embraces cultural diversity. This is apparent in the foods we eat, the clothing we wear and our interior design trends. This article will take a look at how different cultures have inspired the design trends that are integrated in so many American homes.


Morocco is known for its colorful rugs, patterned tiles and plush furniture all of which balances modern and traditional elements. North America has taken a cue from Moroccan culture with a focus on patterns, warm colors, organic materials and authenticity.

Spanish Revival

Spain incorporates elements of the Mediterranean and African culture for an instantly recognizable style that has been in resurgence over the past couple of years. The country is known for its warm color schemes, textured walls, dark woods and seamless tiled floors.


With Scandinavia being the country that introduced the concept of lykke and hygge which emphasize finding happiness and comfort in everyday items, it’s no surprise that it is responsible for making nature, functionality and cheerfulness a huge part of interior design. If you are looking to add a Scandinavian vibe in your home, start by painting walls a soothing neutral and adding pops of pastels. Include wooden accents, house plants and luxurious textiles to complete the aesthetic.

Japanese Minimalism

The Japanese culture integrates natural materials and color schemes to make for a peaceful and pared down look. Bamboos and light woods are used throughout the home and complemented by large windows and screens that let light flood in.


India is known for its vibrant colors, handspun fabrics and complex patterns. Plenty of room is made for relaxation and socialization which is a major part of the country’s culture. Red, orange, blue and yellow hold cultural significance to the country so be sure to include these colors when bringing an Indian flair to your interior design.


With such a prominent outdoor culture, it’s no wonder why Australian design is so big on indoor/outdoor living spaces. Expect plenty of open, airy spaces, bright colors combined with neutrals and a mix of materials when you visit a stylish Australian home.


The luxurious textures and opulent pieces of art and furniture currently trending in the United States is a huge nod to French culture. The country is also responsible for bringing us Toile, a repeated pattern often seen on blue or red tones of fabrics and wallpaper. Other French trends include layered fabrics, gentle weathering and textured surfaces.


Germany is known for bringing us Bauhaus, a trend that is still popular in interior design today. Bauhaus pieces are made from natural and organic material. Black is the major color scheme and oval and round shapes are used to complement the sleek and modern look.

If you are looking for inspiration for your interior design, travel experiences and magazines may be the way to go. Find out how different cultures can make your décor exotic and appealing. Which cultures will you be integrating to create a home you love?

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