2018 has been the year of self; rediscovering yourself, reinventing yourself or allowing yourself to relax. What about your living space? Look around your place, does it tell your guests who you are? Whether you’re the bold and bright type or neutral and quiet type, your space speaks for you. Carving out your nook proves to be therapeutic and a fun ongoing project. After all, this is the place where your most creative ideas blossom; your safe space, your home.  Don’t worry, you don’t need a hefty budget to create your dream space just a vision, time, and effort. It’s time to let go of the college décor of card tables and folding chairs, unless of course that’s your thing.  We don’t décor shame here, this is a safe space. Reclaim your time and living space with these 5 interior design trends for the millennial creative in you:

01 String Lights

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1 Lights…camera…ACTION:

Dinner by candle light is so 2017, stringed lights is in.  When you think stringed lights, you probably picture snow, caroling, and trees littered with lights and colorful bulbs.  Alas, stringed lights aren’t just for the holidays or to be used as a giant communication board you’re your wall to speak to those in the upside down; they can be utilized year-round.  A few ways to brighten up your space with the light is to hang them around the boarder of a window or mirror, wrap them around your bed posts like a grape vine, or hang net LED lights on your ceiling to give the illusion of your very own constellation. Oh, do you have a nook where a fire place used to be? Ball up the lights to create a flameless fire look.

03 Space Saver

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2 Need storage?

In today’s real estate climate, it seems we pay a lot more for less space.  Fear not!  There are plenty of ways to maximize your living space.  One of which is furniture that doubles as storage units; this is especially great for small living spaces. Picture it, you’re sitting in your favorite chair, feet up on your ottoman whilst sipping coffee/tea.  You think to yourself, “hmmm I surely would like to read a book”. Sitting up a bit, you move your feet from the ottoman to the floor.  You then remove the ottoman’s cushion to reveal *insert small dramatic pause* your small collections of books and magazines. Aside from ottomans, there are beds with built-in storage units, and rolling pantries to hide your wine between the fridge and wall.


04 Wall Art

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3 Masterpiece

What’s a creatives’ space without some artwork?  Whether its your work, a friend’s or your child’s macaroni self-portrait, prominently display it! Turn your walls into your personal gallery. Pour your personality and soul into each piece you choose. Just remember, when hanging your artwork, keep the center of the pieces at eye level.  If you’re currently in the market for some art work, Etsy is a great place to start.

05 Pop Of Color

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4 Poppin’ my color

For my neutral creatives who stick with neutral, warm tones, black and white, take a walk on the wild side. Add some color in your life!  There are some options to adding some color to your décor. Accent walls are the bee’s knees and really gets the job done in the color department.  Glitter accent walls are a growing trend especially among social media influences. Quality glitter paint can be found at your local hardware store, especially Home Depot. Or if paint fumes aren’t ideal for you, wallpaper is a great option.  Not you’re grandma’s wallpaper either but those with fluorescent colors and striking patterns. Wallpaper can be a permanent choice or with temporary wallpaper, you have the option to switch it up on a dime, when you have a dime to spare. If color or bold patterns are a bit much, enter textured wallpaper, as in 3-D wallpaper. Aside from wall accents, you can add pops of color via throw pillows, rugs, curtains, or tables.

06 Reclaimed Wood

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5 Reclaiming my wood…reclaiming my wood

For the more rustic creative, reclaimed wood would be perfect. Wood has the ability to give you an outdoor feel even when you’re indoor.  Some fun ideas in using reclaimed wood are accent wall, head board, art, a door to any room in your place, candle holders, really any DIY projects.  What “wood” you create with reclaimed wood?


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