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Diversity is the modern buzz word and for a very good reason! Industries that have been typically staffed by a specific group of people are now being rattled by change. Men are becoming nurses and stay-at-home dads; women are stepping into managerial and executive roles. Interior design trends are reflecting the change. Now more than ever people are seeking out designers with new, fresh perspectives. There are many ways to define diversity. Gender, race, etc. All of them are important in design and here’s why.

Why We Need Diversity

Different people have different ideas. Of course, a designer’s talent has nothing to do with their race or gender. There are innovative human beings of every stripe and color. However, if the field is limited to people of a similar background, consumers will have less access to unique ideas. People are falling in love with the idea of using designs from their culture in their home. The cookie-cutter house that looks like everyone else’s are becoming less popular. The world is becoming more connected. You can look up what an average home in Namibia looks like from the comfort of your living room. As exposure to new ideas increases, so does demand. You don’t have to be from a culture to appreciate it and want to incorporate elements into your interior design.

How to Attract New Talent

Because the industry has begun to realize that diversity is important, efforts are being made to attract new interior designers. And it’s working. There are easy ways to do this. Companies who want a more diverse hiring pool need to start looking in fresh places. There are black, white, brown, LGBT, you name it designers everywhere that you look. Finding them shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. People also need to start promoting unknown or rookie designers. If you hire someone and they do an amazing job, let the world know! Positive online reviews provide a huge benefit to a business and they’re almost better than cash tips.

You can find minority-owned companies if you search online. This could help you achieve an authentic look. Trying to create a Middle Eastern-inspired look? Speaking to someone who has actually lived in the area can be extremely useful. Consumers can help revitalize the industry. After all, the attempts to increase diversity are responding to consumer demand. It’s no longer acceptable to many people if interior designers are all white, or all women, etc.

The Future

This change heralds a bright and exciting future for the interior design industry. As designers get better, consumers are happier and more willing to splurge on the expense. Everyone wins. A design firm that wants to be at the top of its game needs to have access to multiple creative streams, all flowing from a different source. Diversity is something that should be encouraged but not forced and diversity in design is the only path forward.

If you are looking to join a diverse community of talented designers feel free to join here.

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