Spring and summer ready

As you exchange bulky winter coats for breezy spring and summer wear as the year progresses, so must you update your home with the seasonal changes! The warmer weather is near, and a quick refresher is essential to help your space transition beautifully into the new season and become spring and summer ready. This does not need to be difficult. With a few simple decor swaps, you can easily transform your space into a summer haven.

1. Swap the Heavy Drapery for Lighter Fabrics

Summer means longer days full of sunshine and natural light. It is important to incorporate this light into your space to make it bright and airy and help it become spring and summer ready! Take down the heavy textured panels that were suitable for fall and winter and opt for some sheer cotton voile curtains to create an ethereal ambiance and to invite the sunshine in.

2. Move Over Greenery, Hello Flowers

Plants are always a good idea to incorporate in any living space. They bring in an earthy freshness and their bright colors can enliven any room. Instead of bulky houseplants, pick colorful potted flowers in different sized planters and vases to introduce color and playfulness that is apt for the season. Check out this article on how to pick the right flowers for your living space. Stained glass vases in rich jewel tones will reflect sunshine beautifully and enhance the color balance of the room.

3. Out with the Smoky Scents, in with Lighter Fresher Scents

The simplest way to transition your home into another season is by engaging the olfactory sense. Candles are a great way to do that! Instead of the musky, woody scents that are perfect for the colder months, reach for some lighter, citrusy and floral scents to usher in the summer. Essential oil diffusers will do the trick also. Stick to fresh-smelling oils like citronella and lemongrass to provide the perfect summer touch in any room.

4. Mirrors are the New Wall Art

While heavy paintings add texture and pops of color to a room, they can also make it seem darker and more enclosed. Swapping some wall art for mirrors will open up any room and make it seem brighter because of all the reflected light. This is also a great way to save on energy as room lights will not need to be turned on for most of the day. Adding some antique, patinaed mirrors will introduce some texture and well as some character into your living space.

5. Replace your Dining Room Centerpiece with a Makeshift Hydration Station

It’s hot outside and the closer the hydration is moved within reach, the better. Replace your centerpiece with a reflective tray stocked with huge jugs of herb-infused water or cool fruit punch. Display interesting drinkware of different sizes on the tray as well to create a unique but functional centerpiece for your space.

The idea is to keep everything light and airy to combat the hot weather outside. Incorporating natural light will make your space feel instantly bigger and will provide significant savings on energy bills. Apply these simple and practical tips to transition your space to becoming spring and summer ready.

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