The highlight of staying at a hotel is arguably getting a good night sleep in the comfortable, well-made bed. Luxury hotels have nailed down the secret of transforming ordinary beds into slices of heaven. Considering the amount of money hotels invest in their furniture in addition to the top-ranking industry experts they hire to create the perfect beds for their visitors, many people immediately write hotel beds off as impossible to achieve in their own homes. The truth is that it is easy to transform your bed to be hotel-worthy with very affordable items and following the simple steps outlined below.

1.) Buy A Quality Mattress

The best skyscrapers are said to have the sturdiest foundations. In the same way, mattresses are the foundation
upon which great beds are built. No matter how many fluffy pillows and duvets are piled on top, it is the
mattress that ultimately makes or breaks a bed, so don’t skimp on it! A good mattress does not have to be very
expensive. You can find great quality mattresses at affordable prices on Amazon or Groupon. And because a lot
of companies ship mattresses completely compressed, moving and installation are quick and easy! Even though
the mattress may be the most expensive thing you’d have to buy to create the perfect bed, mattresses
are investments that pay for themselves in a few years. Also, most mattress vendors offer a
365-day return and solid guarantees that allow you to return the mattress if you end up disliking it or you find a
better deal elsewhere. A good quality mattress that is 10 inches or higher will provide the sturdy base you need
to transform your bed into the bed of your dreams.

2.) Featherbeds Make A Difference

The biggest kept secret in the bedding industry is the use of featherbeds in hotel rooms. Picture yourself
stretched out on top of a huge pile of goose feathers. That’s exactly what a featherbed is! Featherbeds are either
made from goose down (actual goose feathers) or a down alternative. Even though goose down is the plushest
option, the down alternative is cheaper and comfortable enough to do the trick. You can also rest easy knowing
that no geese were harmed in your quest for comfort. If you’re feeling extra indulgent, you can purchase a
bigger sized featherbed than the mattress to provide extra cushioning when the bed is made with a fitted sheet.

3.) Thread Count Matters

There are many, low-quality sheets sold online and the prospect of getting sheets for the price of coffee is very
appealing to a lot of people. Most people tend to forget that low quality, artificial materials do not wash well
and feel uncomfortable on the skin. They also have to be replaced more often. Investing in great quality sheets
with high thread counts will ensure that you sleep like royalty throughout the night. Natural fibers (like cotton,
linen, and silk) are recommended because of their breathability and lifespan. Natural fabrics also wash well and
feel softer over time. This means that you will reap the benefits of your sheets over time! Opt for sheets
that are over 600 thread count for better sleep quality.

4.) The Fitted Sheet Is Important

Have you ever wondered why you are able to sleep better and longer in hotels? This is because your sheets stay
in place all night long! Fitted sheets are arguably one of the best inventions of this century! Because the secret of a great bed is many layers over the mattress, fitted sheets are all the more important because they are able to hold all the layers in place while you sleep to avoid bunching and lumpiness in your bed. Fitted sheets can be annoying to install but once they go on, they stay in place until you take them off to wash. A little time investment, in the beginning, goes a long way to help you create a great sleeping experience for a long time.

5.) Four Is The Magic Number For Pillows

There is a lot of debate in the bedding world about how many pillows one person needs to sleep well. It is very easy to cross out one pillow as an option because many people enjoy the occasional tucking of a pillow between their thighs or propping up of their feet. On the other hand, having too many pillows can create a lot of obstacles on the bed which could interfere with sleep. The magic number according to industry experts is four (and more specifically, two laid on top of the other two). Four pillows allow many different sleep positions to be possible but are few enough so that they do not become obstructive. A great tip is to buy four different types of pillows to have options for a good night sleep. From tempur-pedic pillows to body pillows, there is a great range out there to pick from.

6.) Use White Bedsheets

People shy away from white sheets in general because of their perceived difficulty in cleaning. Families with children, especially, mostly opt out of white sheets for their beds. Though legitimate concerns, studies have proven that sleeping on a bed made with white sheets can help improve moods and general well-being. People also report more restful sleep when they use white sheets. Pristine sheets generally make people feel more relaxed and rested. The hospitality industry has maxed on this psychological factor and has made white sheets an industry standard. It is no surprise, then, that most five-star hotels feature this in all their rooms and even on lounge furniture as well. Most of the dirt that accumulates on white sheets is from dirty feet. Adopting the habit of wearing socks or cleaning feet right before bed can keep your sheets white for longer.

7.) Buy A Duvet Instead Of A Blanket

These days, blankets are softer and more cuddly than ever. Yet, most of them have very low breathability because of the synthetic fibers used to make them. This means that heat and sweat are trapped on the body all night creating discomfort and restlessness. With a great comforter or duvet, the natural filling gives room for air to circulate in and out. This helps the body keep an even temperature throughout the night and promotes better sleep. The best kinds of duvets are semi-stuffed and lightweight to promote air circulation. These can be used all year round as well because their breathability allows them to adjust well with the changing seasons.

These quick and easy changes in the making of your bed can make all the difference in the quality of sleep you achieve. All the required items can be purchased on home goods specialty stores online with good reputations. They can also be bought in many department stores. There is nothing more satisfying than waking up in a well-made bed every morning. Hotels have cracked the code to create comfortable environments that help people relax. With these tips, combined with a few of your personal twists, you can create the perfect hotel room bed right in your bedroom!

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