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The day has come. You’ve moved into your brand new house and are excited for everything to come together. And by come together, you mean making your house feel like a home.
Making your house feel like a home is a journey and doesn’t happen overnight. It’ll take some effort to make the space feel like “yours”. No matter how beautiful the architecture of your home is, you know that it’s a lot more to it than just the four walls protecting you from the weather. It’s also one of the few spots on earth where you can feel comfortable being yourself. Here are a few tips that will make your next home feel cozier.

Use Pictures

One of the greatest things about living in a culture where everyone has access to a camera phone is that it’s easy to take tons of pictures. You can use these to make your space feel more lived in.

Did you know that there are companies out there that work directly with cell phone footage? All you have to do is deliver your images and they will blow them up so they can be framed or plastered on the wall like a poster. However, try not to go overboard. There’s no need to pepper every surface with images!

Add a Familiar Touch

Is there an old blanket from your childhood that you’re still holding onto? A small piece of your childhood home that’s traveled with you ever since? Sentimental items that remind you of another phase of your life are a good way to link your new home to your old one.

People crave novelty in small doses. When it comes to their day to day lives, they prioritize comfort. Seeing something that you can recognize gives you that familiarity that you’re searching for.

Use Warm Colors

Certain colors evoke certain feelings and sensations. When a property is brand new and the inhabitants haven’t left their mark yet, the environment can feel too clinical. It’s off-putting. You can reduce this feeling by introducing warm, inviting colors into your home.

For instance, a fall-themed color scheme might work well. Rich oranges and russet browns are particularly soothing, but you’ll know what works best for you. It’s easier to add color once you’ve decided on the hue.

Be a Host

A thriving social life will you make you feel more comfortable in your home. Even if you’re an introvert, it would still be helpful if you had at least one corner of your home dedicated to socialization. You can use it to make phone calls or connect to people through devices if you don’t feel up to meeting someone in person.

If you’re an extrovert, you should think about devoting a large amount of your space to entertainment. It will give it that happy, lived in look that is so appealing.

Add Flair

A distinctive piece of art can make your home more memorable. Remember, you want your home to stand out for you…and not to please other people. This means that you have a ton of freedom to make your own decisions regarding the type of flair you want in your home. You don’t have to consider anyone’s opinion but your own unless you have housemates of course.

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