We all have different tastes when it comes to interior design. But one thing we can agree upon is that a room that appears spacious will provide a pleasant atmosphere to all that enter. Of course, not every room has as much square footage as we would like. However, there are things we can do to create an illusion of spaciousness. Here are some tips you can use to make your rooms look more spacious.

Use of Color

Use Very Light or Very Dark Colors: Medium colors will make a small space look smaller. Light or dark colors will create contrast which will give your rooms depth and the illusion of a larger space.


Use Hidden Storage Space and Multi-Functional FurnitureThere’s nothing like clutter to make a small room look even smaller. Eliminate clutter by utilizing multi-functional furniture and hidden storage units. Add cushions to a window seat to make another sitting space in your room or use decorative baskets that can be hung from the ceiling for storage.
Eliminate Clutter by Limiting Decorative Accents: If you are a fan of knickknacks, you may have the irresistible urge to decorate every bare surface with a different tchotchke. And while these may be adorable, they can also add an element of clutter to your room. Do your best to limit décor groupings to 3 to 5 items and leave some surfaces bare to give them a chance to breathe.

Window Treatments

Hang Long Curtains: Like stiletto heels, long curtains will instantly make ceilings look higher. Use a floor to ceiling length for optimal results.  


Go for Large Art Pieces: Decorating your room with several smaller pieces of art will contribute to an overly cluttered feel. Keep this from happening by opting for one large piece instead. If you do want to decorate with smaller pieces, keep it to one wall while leaving others blank or minimally decorated.


Use Lamps to Evenly Light Your Room: A single overhead light will make a room appear cramped. Avoid this by spreading lamps around the room to evenly distribute light and provide a more spacious appearance.

Floor Coverings

Use Area Rugs: Area rugs will give rooms the feeling of being more finished and pulled together. They will also create the illusion of extra square footage thus making your rooms look more spacious.


Buy Furniture with Exposed Legs: Furniture with skirts have a boxy, heavy feel. To give your room a lighter look, opt for furniture with exposed legs to create the impression of extra space.


Hang Mirrors: An oldie but a goodie, hanging mirrors will always add a sense of depth that will make rooms appear bigger. Place them on dark walls that don’t get much natural light to bounce light from windows to make rooms appear larger.   These are just some tips that can be helpful if you’re looking to give your rooms a more spacious appearance. Choosing the right colors and decorative elements and eliminating clutter can go a long way in adding to your square footage. What tips do you have for making your rooms look more spacious?   If you need help with tips click here!