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An interior designer is an artist, and just like any other artist, they are likely to suffer from blocks in their creativity. Though scrolling through the internet can help determine the latest trends, sometimes designers want to break out of their boxes and explore new territories. If you are stuck in a design rut, here are some things that can help you find inspiration.

Explore Nature

Nature is a great source for design inspiration. It provides exquisite color combinations you may have never imagined otherwise. Butterflies, sunsets and beach scenes can be particularly effective in giving you ideas for designs that are sure to impress.

Got to a Museum

Exploring other art forms is a great way to stir up your creative juices. If you’re stuck in a creative rut, a trip to an art museum may be just what the doctor ordered. Take note of how other artists use color or light to convey an emotion or idea. Then do your best to duplicate these methods in your interior design.

Engage in a Craft or Hobby

A designer may be able to become inspired by exploring other aspects of their creativity. Step away from design for a day while engaging in activities like drawing, knitting or cake decorating. When you come back to interior design, you will have a fresh perspective and new ideas that you can apply to your design techniques.

Listen to Music

Music may not seem like an obvious art form to explore to inspire you in design, but you may be surprised to discover the ways in which it can open your mind. Try listening to a genre of music that is different from one that you usually listen to. Pay attention to the beat and rhythm and think about how it relates to the room design. Then think of ways you can represent the piece inside your space.

Explore Fashion Trends

Rather than searching the internet for other interior designs that might inspire you, why not explore the world of fashion? You can visit a textile museum or fashion show to find out about this year’s hottest trends. Incorporate the colors and styles you see into the design you create.

Take Photos

Go on a photo shoot for inspiration. Set your mind free of restrictions and photograph whatever suits your fancy. When you are done, study your photos to see how they can apply to interior design. If photo taking is not your thing, consider visiting a photo exhibit. While there, study the way the photographer framed the subjects to see if that way of framing can work for your décor.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next interior design, these are all great ways to do it. Exploring nature and other art forms can give you out of the box ideas that are sure to impress. What will you be doing to break out of your creative rut? If you need help click here!

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