Global Design Trends

Everyone wants their home to be both stunning and comfortable. To achieve this, people are turning toward global ideas. Incorporating fresh design elements into your home is a way to create a completely unique space. Modern society believes in equality and that belief is driving diversity even in design. Unless you’re a professional interior designer, however, it  can be hard to keep up with current global design trends. This guide is intended to help.

Bright, Airy Rooms

Northern European countries have long, bleak winters where the sun often disappears for months at a time. To keep their sanity, people try to make the interiors of their homes as comfortable as possible. That means using bright, cheerful colors to dispel the gloom of winter. Scandinavian designers like to highlight minimalism and simplicity. The style has become more popular over the years as people reject consumer culture. If you’re intrigued by this style, focus on keeping this natural. Lots of wood touches look great and can be purchased recycled.

Sumptuous Style

Eastern Europeans appreciate rich, luxurious trappings. A Russian household might be decked out in deep crimsons and golds. The style is very different than the minimalist one described above. Instead of highlighting simplicity, this design showcases luxury. Velvet drapes and antique wooden furniture can complete the look.

Go Rustic

Americans are reminiscing over their roots. Simple, old-fashioned style is making a comeback. Even city people see the appeal of a rustic design. This means using old, weathered wood and subtle, earthy hues. Lace touches are also popular because they feel vintage. You can find suitable accent pieces online and at thrift stores.

Yin and Yang

Chinese interior design is based on the concept of yin and yang or balance. No feature of the room should overwhelm the others. For your color scheme, focus on using red and yellow. They represent luck and prestige. The beauty of Chinese-inspired design elements is that they can be as subtle or as overt as you wish. A sprinkling of red and yellow hues should be enough to express your meaning. If you’re adhering to this design, simplicity should be valued over ornate touches.

Use Nature

South African interior design is heavily influenced by nature. Traditional African patterns and colors are combined with soft elements reflecting nature. Wood floors and furniture are extremely popular. This is a great design trend if you’re looking for something bold. South African design appeals to people who love bright colors.

Gorgeous designs are everywhere, they’re embedded into every culture. Because the internet is connecting people from around the globe, consumers can now be introduced to global ideas without leaving their homes. Remember, you’re free to experiment when it comes to your own home.

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