Bathroom Design

When we think of interior design for our homes, the bathroom may be the last place many of us consider. Yet, taking the time to design smartly can convert your bathroom into a haven that will serve as a luxury you are sure to appreciate more than you could imagine. If you would like to elevate your bathroom design to give it a lovely spa like atmosphere, here are some great tips.

Large Pieces-Small Spaces

Your bathroom may seem small and confined but that doesn’t mean it can’t be boldly decorated. Add oversized mirrors, striking wallpaper and statement art to give your bathroom a sophisticated look.

Spa Like Designs

To truly make your bathroom a haven, go for spa like elements. Incorporate blinds that shield the windows and compartments for scents and candles. Heated flooring or lights can also be used to minimize that cold air shock you get when stepping out of the shower.

White and Gray Marble

This look has endured the test of time to become more than a trend…it’s a classic! It works well when combined with looks that can range from traditional to modern and its durability is another feature that contributes to its staying power.

Basic Black

Gone are boring whites…black bathrooms just scream luxury! Complement this alternative look by thinking bold, dark and sultry using modern elements and Blanco Ibiza backsplashes.

Exposed Shower Plumbing

This makes for a great industrial look. It pairs well with a white modern marble and pewter and gunmetal hardware, which is also all the rage right now.

Open Design Concept

Showers are no longer limited to being walled in cubicles. Showering and getting ready in the open air is a freeing concept that is being widely embraced. To capitalize on this design, showers without shower dams are being featured for an effortlessly chic look. If you’re not ready to take the full plunge, a floor to ceiling glass shower enclosure can also make for a clean, uninterrupted line.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

When it comes to mirrors, we’re stepping away from the overly ornate. Rounded rectangle shapes are taking over and can even feature variations like a domed top for a simple, yet royal look.

Wall Mounted Toilets

This is a super modern design that is being embraced more often in bathroom home design. Not only will it give your lavatory a space age look, less nooks and crannies will minimize the need to clean.

Neutral Palettes

A neutral palette will give your bathroom a clean, serene vibe, especially if the colors and materials are monochromatic throughout. Mixing neutrals is another terrific way to work with earth tones.

Your bathroom may not be the most lived in room in your house, but with these great design tips, you may find yourself in there more than you expected. What exciting updates will you be making to your bathroom in the coming year?

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