Dark Colors and Design

It’s not too often that you’ll come across someone who’s interested in (or brave enough) to make black a color scheme in their home. In the past dark colors and design have been viewed as a somber choices. Most will say that too much of it can overwhelm any surrounding. But does that mean you can’t successfully employ a dark color scheme? Not at all. You CAN absolutely adopt a black color scheme in your home, but you should consider these suggestions first! 

Light Is Important

When we say light is important, we don’t mean light colors. In fact, we mean actual light. Your home should be awash in natural light so that those dark accents can be seen. Too many unlit areas can make a room unnecessarily and uncomfortably dramatic. In addition to ample natural sunlight, you need to have a solid lighting scheme. A sophisticated set of lights will meld perfectly with a glamorous black living room design.

Think About the Walls 

We’re not even going to hold you up, painting the walls black is an extreme choice and it’s not the most popular option to go with. However, you can easily add black accents to the wall. For instance, you can replace all your picture frames with black ones. The effect will be subtle but noticeable. You can also use paint to create an accent. A thin black line painted on the wall can look appealing. or jump all in and choose a dark paint color for your room.

Focus on the Floor

If you’re afraid to add black to your walls, then consider adding it to the floor. An all-black floor is a perennial favorite! It’s a way to use the color that doesn’t look too harsh. Consider black granite floor tile or a dark washed wood floor plank – both of these options are particularly popular and exude elegance and style. However, if you’re not ready to commit to such a major change, then consider using a black rug instead. 

Interesting Art 

There’s an entire world of black and white photography that you can dive into. Hang a few pieces on the wall and you might be astonished by the change. You can instantly increase the allure of any room. You can also explore other art pieces like sculptures. You can adhere to your black design theme and buy nothing but dark-colored pieces. 

Pick a Room 

Pick a room or two in your home where you can totally commit to black design accents. The kitchen is a good place to start. Clean white cabinets paired with black countertops or vice versa looks amazing if it’s done right. Some even say using black in your kitchen is a sign of luxury. If you’re up to it, you can also try adding black to your bedroom. A set of black sheets and blankets can give your room character. If you’re lucky enough to have a home office, accenting it in black is a good idea. You can play around with other colors as well. For example, black and gold work wondrously well together. 

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