Color Trends

The colors you choose for your home are very important. Not only should you pick ones that are aesthetically pleasing, but you should choose ones that work to enhance your mood and reflect the latest fashions in interior design. With that in mind, here are some current color trends.

Earthy Neutrals

The world is becoming more environmentally friendly and it’s apparent in our interior design. We celebrate Mother Earth by featuring woodland shades like mushroom grays, fern rusts and warm browns in our décor. These provide a soothing atmosphere that complements other shades perfectly.


If you are into vibrant, energizing shades, coral is the way to go. It has enough warmth to work well with neutrals while the pink and orange tones that blend in the color itself can also be separated out to add exciting accents.

Forest Green

Another nod to nature, forest green is a timeless classic that adds color while also working well as a neutral. It has a unisex appeal balancing both genders perfectly for a look that will complement almost any color furnishing.

Saturated Color

If you just can’t get enough of deep, rich color, saturated hues may be just what the doctor ordered. Navies, turquoises, blues, greens and purples are just some examples of shades that can be vibrant and moody at the same time. They are perfect for furnishings, custom built-ins, kitchen cabinetry and more.

Pale Pinks

Growing in popularity over the last few years, pale pinks are becoming the new brown when it comes to neutral tones. The hue can be especially attractive when mixed with lemon yellows and white.

Misty Blues

A few years ago, matte grays were all the rage. If you loved that look but want to step it up with the color quotient, a misty blue may be an ideal option. These tend to have calming gray undertones with just a splash of color which gives off a serene energy as well as a sense of vibrancy.

Off Cream

Moving on from the bold, modern look of stark white, designers are now incorporating minimalism in a slightly more colorful way. As a result, we can expect to see more beiges, creams and off-whites in our color schemes.

Neon Shades

The 80’s have been making a comeback in the world of fashion as we embrace neon colors, leggings and poofy hair. Could it be that this trend is now carrying over into the world of interior design? Whether inspired by the 80’s or not, shades like lime green, citrus orange and bright yellow are being used more often in home décor and we just can’t seem to get enough.

Rich Muted Purple

Purple is a rich color that evokes elegance and royalty, yet it still has a unique look when used in interior design. Currently, rich muted tones of the color are popular for the mellow intensity and rich energy they provide.

The colors you surround yourself with are so important. These are just a few that will make your home the height of fashion while providing an atmosphere that is soothing, energizing and luxurious. Which will you be using in your interior design?


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