Nikki Klugh Design Group

The Nikki Klugh Design Group (NKDG) has transformed hundreds of spaces into unique, one-of-a-kind, luxurious sanctuaries. Starting in 2003, NKDG began creating these Sacred Spaces that allow our clients to live and work in beauty, style, and comfort. Sacred Spaces, above all else, offer healing, restoration, and calm. When life gets busy, chaotic, or even overwhelming – you need a place to go for respite and rejuvenation.

It’s all those details that work only for you – that’s what makes your space special and sacred just for you. You’ve invested your time, energy, and money into your home or office. It’s time to turn your space into a showpiece that authentically represents your personality, outlook, and aesthetic! NKDG will learn those details – the ones that’ll make you proud to claim your Sacred Space as yours!

Your home is more than a set of rooms where you spend time. It’s the place you go to relax, grow, learn, accomplish, luxuriate, love, and LIVE! You deserve a space that truly inspires and energizes you. NKDG is committed to creating a home (or office) environment that supports your needs – while being a place of beauty and style. A space that speaks to your five senses and your personality. To do this, we use a multi-dimensional design philosophy, with cutting-edge, evidence-based design applications. Our talented & professional team has a broad education base and decades of experience.

Work Examples