It was exciting for many of the designers who grew up watching or who became designers because of HGTV to be able to interact with them at the conference.The teams from digital to talent acquisition mixed it up with the attendee with the hopes of getting to know them better and to scout for design talent.We were excited to get the call expressing their interest. It is a goal of the Black Interior Designers Network to spread awareness of the designers in our community as well as to present designers with life changing opportunities.

HGTV Sponsor

And while we understand everyone is not destined to be a star on the network, our members were happy to learn about the opportunity to join the HGTV PROFESSIONALS NETWORK.  According to the promotional materials left with attendees, “HGTV editors are looking to connect top designers with their vast audience.” Sounds like a win to me. Designers from all over the country should apply. For those of you who were on the fence about online marketing, this is a great opportunity for you to build a professional website that can be linked to an organization like HGTV.  Good Luck and Do it now! Remember, you have to be visible to be hired.

Black Interior Designers Network Conference

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