Multifunctional Living Room InteriorWith an increasing number of people adapting a ‘less is more’ attitude, we are starting to see a trend of multi-functional spaces in interior design. Offices can be used as guest rooms, ottomans can be used for storage, and Murphy beds are making a comeback in a big way. These are all great ways to maximize your spaces while staying on top of the latest trend.

Of course, when creating multi-functional spaces, you want to project an air of ingenuity, not clutter. With that in mind, here are some terrific ideas for maximizing your interior spaces.

A Tub in the Bedroom

Many of use have small bathrooms leaving space for upright showers only. If you have a tiny bathroom and have just got to have that room to stretch out and luxuriate in a tub, considering installing one in your bedroom. It may seem somewhat bizarre, but by making smart design choices, you can pull it off while creating a space that is logical and well thought out.

Creating Indoor Play Areas for the Children

Indoor play areas are perfect for families who live in locations where it is unsafe to be outside, the weather is bad, or a child’s allergies make outdoor play unpleasant. Though bedrooms often double as play areas, you can also create exciting play spaces in loft areas and little nooks and crannies of the house. This will make for the perfect, private, fort-like area for your child.

Convertible Bedrooms

Fold up beds have long been a great way to create a multi-functional space. Beds can be taken out at night for sleeping and tucked away during the day when you have work to do. Today’s fold up beds have taken it to the next level with some folding up into seamless looking cabinets to provide a sleek, modern look.

Go for a Modular Lounger

Sofas are usually the biggest space stealers in your living area, and they can keep you from converting a space easily. Instead of opting for a conventional lounger, try a modular lounge that pulls apart to become end tables or footrests. You can also reassemble them to use as guest beds for when you have company over.

Combine Dining Room and Kitchen Spaces

Even if you have a separate dining room in your house, you may be best off leaving it for other uses and making a kitchen/dining room combination. This feature is perfect for modern open floor plans and it allows people to cook and socialize at the same time.

Side Tables that Double as Seating

Your side table can be a great place to put a drink, a lamp or a piece of art. But when you are having guests over you can also pull them out to make for additional seating. This can be especially effective if tables are stool-like in nature.

You can have two rooms or ten, but as clutter accumulates, many of us begin to outgrow these spaces no matter how big they are. Take advantage of the spaces you have by making them multi-functional. These ideas can help you do so while giving your interior a great stylish flair your guests are sure to admire.

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