06 Reclaimed WoodWhen we come into a home, what really pops are the materials we are using in our decor. These materials set the tone in terms of the colors and textures that are incorporated into our interior design and they can define the entire look of your rooms. Materials can be mixed and matched to play against each other making your environment even more unique.

Let’s take a look at what materials are currently trending in the world of interior design.


Marble is more than a trend…it’s a classic. It’s aesthetic appeal along with its durability make it a material that has endured the test of time. Its unique striations and high gleam give any room a sleek look. Marble is often seen on countertops, but it can also be used as a backsplash in kitchens. Outside the kitchen, marble coffee tables or bookends can elevate the look of any room in the house.


Copper adds a great warm, metallic touch to any room. Often featured in the kitchen or dining room, pendant lights are a terrific way to add muted glamour to your settings. Copper is less flashy then silver or gold and works well when mixing metals.

Reclaimed Wood

As the world of interior design is moving to incorporate more eco-friendly materials, reclaimed wood is one that is being used more often. It is great for flooring and ceiling beams but can also be used for bookshelves, desks and tables. Although reclaimed wood is known to lend a rustic look to your décor, it can also be mixed with metals for a modern, industrial feel or whitewashed for a coastal, shabby chic look.


Who doesn’t love the luxurious softness of fur? Think of adding fur rugs and pillows to give your home a look that is warm and cozy and rich and elegant at the same time.


Another rich fabric, velvets are taking over! Though once difficult to care for, now velvet comes in low maintenance options and are often machine washable and stain resistant. Add accents of velvet with throw pillows and curtains or make a bolder statement with velvet couches and furniture sets.


There’s no doubt about it, florals are in! They are great when featured on sofas and throw pillows to give rooms a pop of color…but let’s talk about real florals as well! With a move towards more sustainable interior design, the trend to bring in greenery direct from nature is getting more popular every day. It can give rooms a feel that is both organic and refined. And if you don’t have a green thumb, you can always bring in some fake plants and flowers.

The materials you use in your design will dictate the overall look of your home. Decide the style you are going for and then embrace the materials that will help you achieve your goal. Which will you be using to take your décor to the next level?

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