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Remember wallpaper? It used to be big in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, but somewhere along the line, the trend fell flat, and it was relegated to being the stuff that hung on the walls of our parents’ and grandparents’ houses.

But starting in 2018 something shifted and now wallpaper is making a comeback in a big way. And according to experts, this is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Find out what styles can be used to enhance your interior design.

Bold Florals

Today’s wallpaper is anything but meek. Bold floral designs and tropical prints can brighten up any room. Complement your exotic wallpaper with subtle neutrals or play it up with more bold prints for an all over Palm Beach Chic.

Wallpaper as Abstract Art

Who needs a Picasso or Pollack on your walls when your wallpaper already features a terrific abstract print? Vibrant colors and textures will give your rooms a great modern look. Carry it through with bold solids and your design will be a conceptual masterpiece.


These are wallpapers that tell a story. They are pictures that capture moods and themes and cover your walls from floor to ceiling. Some are abstract and others are scenic, but they can bring an awe-inspiring beauty to your room no matter what style they may be.


Combining the retro with the modern, a graphic design is often made up of geometric shapes that can give your room a sense of movement. They can be in subtle blacks and whites or bold, vibrant tones like yellows and blues.


These frilly botanical prints can easily be confused with the wallpaper prints of old, but today, designers are taking it to the next level. The electric tones and quirky motifs that are being incorporated make these whimsical patterns stylish and sophisticated. Try pairing this wallpaper with modern furniture pieces for a cutting edge look.


Although color tones for this textural wallpaper is often neutral, the look is anything but bland. Two dimensional designs can appear as faux suede, grass cloths, clouds in the sky, a marbleized look and more.


Also known as watercolor wallpaper, this style is characterized by rich pigments, evocative brushstrokes, paint splatters and watery inks. The feel is fresh and modern, and it works to make your walls works of art in and of themselves.

Art Deco

Combining bold graphics with vibrant colors, art deco can take your interior design to the next level. Try incorporating glittering elements like LED lights or even Swarovski crystals to give your walls an unexpected glow.

Why hire an artist to paint the walls of your rooms when great looking wallpaper can give your decor a unique look with much less time and effort? Perhaps that’s why it is making a comeback in today’s world of interior design. What type of wallpaper will you be hanging to give your rooms a modern flair?

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