2017hgtv 14 KitchenThe kitchen is the room of the house where families gather most. Special occasions start in the kitchen and family members bond as they prepare food.

Because this room is so special, it is important to create a warm, bright atmosphere that starts with a great interior design. Let’s look at some kitchen design trends that will make your kitchen a great place for gathering.


Full Tile Backsplash Walls

Tile walls with colorful geometric shapes and quirky patterns have been a great backdrop for many kitchens over the years. Current trends are taking it a step further going countertop to ceiling with the tiles providing a great background for floating shelves and range hoods. This feature is especially eye catching in homes where the kitchen is opened up to other interior spaces in the house.


Stark whites have been all the rage in creating a clean, modern appearance in any room. But when it comes to the kitchen, designers are moving to creating a warmer feel. Cream will be the new white when it comes to kitchen interior design this year.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz has seen its ups and downs over the years, but current trends are showing this mineral to be reigning supreme. The natural stone and resin material is extremely durable and can hold its own when bringing elegance to your countertops. In fact, even with rising prices, many homeowners are willing to pay more to bring the look of quartz to their kitchens.

Jewel Tone Islands

Every kitchen needs a splash of color and moody jewel tones are where it’s at. These work particularly well on islands that are surrounded by softer neutrals. Emerald and teal shades are popular although deep reds and even purples can work as well.

Abstract Island Shapes

Many of us are used to seeing a rectangular island in the middle of the kitchen. But abstract shapes not only bring a little bit of wow to the kitchen, they can also really work to open up the layout to create more space for work and storage.

Wood and More Wood

Wood is great for adding a sense of warmth to your kitchen’s interior design. It is being featured on cabinets, on flooring and even on ceilings with medium tones being favored over darks and lights. It also pairs well with neutrals as well as any other color you want to bring in to your kitchen.

A New Take on White Tile Backsplashes

White tile is common in many kitchens. But recently interior design has been taking it up a notch adding patterns like chevron and herringbone. The rectangular shape is also being replaced by softer abstract patterns for a clean, fresh take on an old classic.

If you are looking for a new look for your kitchen, here are some ideas that can take your gathering space to the next level. What upgrades will you be making this year? 

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