Royal Flair

Oh, royalty. How people love thee! Everyone wants to feel and be a part of royalty in their own way. It’s a vibe that represents luxury, class, elegance, and a host of other positive things. What better way to feel extra royal than creating a royal-inspired bedroom. Read on to learn how you can achieve King or Queen status by adding some royal flair to your bedroom design. 

Fall in Love with Purple

If you’ve combed through a few history books in your time, then you know that purple has long been linked to royalty. The colored dye used to be very expensive, meaning that it was only accessible by the very rich. Every gorgeous shade was used to signify one’s wealth and power. 

It can be easy to add purple accents to your bedroom, but it all comes down to how bold you want to be. You can drench your room in purple and achieve a very striking effect and touch of royal flair. Or you can try more subtle options. If you’re trying to grab people’s attention, then consider a purple bedspread or rug. 

Invest in Your Bed 

Royalty sleeps on the best mattress and bedframe available so if you truly want to live like you’re in a castle, you need to do the same. Splurging on a high-quality bed is surely a worthwhile investment. A striking bedframe will automatically become the centerpiece of the room. To achieve a truly regal look, choose a large bed that sits higher off of the ground. An impressive headboard and footboard are also necessary. If you want to save money, consider buying used. You can find very high-quality, gently used furniture if you’re willing to search.

Add a Vanity

A royal bedroom should feel more luxurious than the typical one. It should be your escape into pampering yourself. A small vanity and mirror are the ultimate indulgence. It provides a space for you to complete your self-care routine in comfort. You can search online to find a design that you like. Many people gravitate toward retro-inspired designs but there’s no rule about this. 

Plush White Carpet

Your flooring is important. Your bedroom won’t feel special if you stick with unattractive floors. One look that exudes a sense of royalty is plush white carpet. It’s a hallmark of the wealthy because it can be very hard to maintain. You need to keep the carpet in pristine shape if you don’t want your room to look dingy. Plus, plush carpet feels soft on your feet.

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