Seasonal Design

Most of us don’t wear the same clothing year-round…we change with the current seasons. Fall and winter wear is characterized by sweaters, pants and jackets in darker colors and neutrals. Spring and summer come and it’s time for tank tops, shorts and summer dresses in whites and pastels. Just like our wardrobe changes each season, I’m sure many of us would like to see our interior design get an update. The heavy colors and fabrics we loved in the winter may look drab in the summer and spring and the whites and brights of summer will be out of place as the weather cools down – enter seasonal design.


But unlike clothing which can be easily stored when we you are not wearing it, it’s not so easy to change out furniture or repaint our walls every few months. Well fortunately, there are some easy updates you can make to provide an interior design that works no matter what season it is. Here are some simple design tips for easy seasonal design.

Pillow Covers

Changing out your pillow covers is a great way to change things up for the coming season. Think of using pillow covers that feature pastel or bright colors and lighter fabrics in the warmer weather. When temperatures start to drop, replace them with heavy wool covers that include shades like warm browns and deep reds.


The accessories you have around your house can also be easily changed out. In summertime, think of putting a floral centerpiece on your coffee tables, mantles and more. When the weather starts cooling down, change these out with some rich smelling candles and pieces that feature darker tones.

Area Rugs

An area rug is another piece that can easily be changed out. A light linen rug is perfect for a great summertime look and can be easily swapped out with a wool rug in the fall or winter. Be sure that the rugs you are using as substitutes are similar in shape and size to make replacing them easy.

Art Pieces

The art on your wall can also be changed with the seasons. A vibrant outdoor scene is perfect for summer weather. When it gets colder, you can switch it out for a winter wonderland or an indoor fireside portrait.

Keep Mainstays Neutral

If you are thinking of updating your décor for the seasons, be sure the pieces that are not going to be swapped out feature neutral colors. Go for couches and chairs in light browns and off whites that will go with whatever theme you are creating.

And remember, the seasons aren’t the only times you can make changes. Holidays are ideal as well. The Fourth of July is the perfect time to break out your red, white and blue accents. Halloween is a great time for witches and pumpkins. And at Christmas… bust out those trees and wreaths!

So, when the weather heats up or cools down, don’t settle for an interior design that looks out of place. Your décor can be as varied as your wardrobe. Integrate these simple tips for a home that will always be in season.


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