7 Lighting Trends

Lighting is such an important part of interior design. Not only do the pieces add to the aesthetic of the rooms, they also provide accents that can draw attention to certain elements. When it comes to lighting that is in-line with the latest trends, it’s all about chandeliers. These pieces are back and better than ever. They can be ornate, modern, sleek or elegant. These seven lighting trends will get your interior design ready for 2020.

Other lighting fixtures often seen in the modern home are pendant lights, sconces and floor lamps. Let’s take a look at the how designers are bringing these pieces into the modern age.

Natural Materials

The emphasis on nature and environmental friendliness is becoming evident in our interior designs and lighting is no exception. Look out for chandeliers with wood beadwork, basket pendant lights and burlap lampshades.

Geometric Designs

Geometric shapes bring back the mod look of the 60’s and give the style a new modern flair. When it comes to chandeliers, lighting can be surrounded by an intricate network of circles and squares or one defining shape. Clear rounded coverings for pendants lights also work to fit in with the geometric theme.

Architectural Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are great for providing subtle accent lights or for adding to a room’s existing illumination. The geometric idea is carried out in the stands which may feature three legs, or an unusual angle which will make it worth a second glance.


Sconces are ideal for accent lighting and can be hung to draw attention to artwork or provide light for reading when hung over the bed. In a design revolution that is favoring space saving, they are the perfect solution.


When it comes to metals, gold is leading the pack in interior design trends for the year. Gold tones should be bold and lack any kind of brass coloring that may dull the color. Lighting fixtures are a great way to incorporate gold in your interior design. Go for large gold fixtures and don’t’ be afraid to mix them with other metals like nickel or oil rubbed bronze.

Recessed Lighting

Although trends in lighting are moving towards bigger and bolder looks, recessed lighting is still a modern favorite. It gives a sleek, elegant look, works as a space saver and provides excellent overall illumination. It can also be easily integrated into just about any interior design trend.

LED Lighting

Today’s trends are not just about lighting fixtures but the type of light bulbs being used. LED lighting is preferred because it is long lasting, energy efficient and it does not contain any toxic materials that can be harmful to the environment. The bulbs come in all shapes and sizes with frames that are as creative as any designer’s imagination.

Lighting is an important element in any interior design. Follow these trends to ensure that the lighting you use is the height of fashion. Which kinds will you be using to illuminate your living spaces?

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