Modern Living Room Design

Many would argue that the living room is the most important room in the home. It is the place where families gather to watch television, discuss important matters and when guests come into your home, it is often the first room they will see. When thinking of interior design for the living room, there are so many directions you can take it in, from rustic to modern to abstract… and the list goes on. And while we can’t tell you which style choice is best we can make some great suggestions based on the latest living room trends.

Compact Side Tables

Clever storage spaces are a trend you can expect to see more of in every room in your house. Incorporate these into your design with compact storage tables. You can add these to either side of your furnishings to make for attractive, convenient, space-saving pieces that you are sure to love. Today’s living room trends are calling for metal surfaces in gold, bronze and silver as well as attention getting geometric shapes.

Couch-less Living Rooms

For years the couch has been the centerpiece of countless living rooms. Today’s world of living room design is being upended as couches are being eliminated in favor of comfy chairs, settees, bench seating and chaises. This is an innovative way to get your living room feeling intimate and cozy.


The sparse look of bare spaces and muted walls is being replaced by rich colors, decadent furnishings and elaborate art pieces. Prints are bold, patterns are clashing and furniture is invitingly large. Don’t be afraid to embrace the luxury this style offers. When it comes to decorating choices, the sky is the limit.

Innovative Lighting

Say goodbye to floor lamps that take up precious interior design space. Current trends are calling for sconces and wall lamps to provide the perfect accent in any room. Use jaunty angles to place lighting in key locations to illuminate your living room with a great Art Deco feel.


Nothing will provide your living room with a rich decadent feel like the look of layers. Fabrics, rugs and throw pillows can all be used to provide color splashes and a sense of luxury that is in line with today’s modern design sensibilities.

Take it to the Ceiling

Wallpaper is coming back big time…but ceiling paper? In keeping with current, over the top design trends, even the ceiling is becoming a point of interest. Go for bold, solid colored walls and complement them with a great print ceiling that can be painted or wall-papered to feature a classic or geometric design.

The living room is a room you and your family will be spending a lot of time in. Why not give it a look you love? These are just some terrific ideas you can use to make your living room a stand out. Which will you be incorporating to take your interior design to the next level? Need help – let us know!