Tufted Sofa

For most people, the sofa is the focal point of their living room. It is a welcoming element that will capture the eye of most of your visitors when they come into your home.

Because the sofa is such an essential part of your interior design, you want to go with one that looks great and complements your other furnishings perfectly. With that in mind, here are some current sofa trends you will want to look out for.

Small Scale Sofas

Today’s trends are all about using smaller pieces to create an illusion of spaciousness and make the most of what you have available. Small scale sofas can be a great alternative to an oversized couch or sectional providing a more balanced look in your living room.

Curvy Silhouettes

Expect to see more sofas with rounded tops and arms that provide a sleek and modern look in today’s homes. This style works well with vintage inspired colors like mustard, sage and persimmon or you can get a modern look by going with a cobalt blue or royal purple.


The convertible sofa has never really gone out of style, but with today’s emphasis on saving space, multi-functional furniture is more popular than ever. You can go for a simple futon or a full-sized sleeper sofa to provide you and your guests with maximum comfort.

Tufted Fabrics

Tufting is the look that is produced when stitches or buttons are sewn through the item to keep the stuffing from bunching or shifting. Often used on mattresses, this method can give couches a plush comfortable look. Button tufting, diamond tufting, biscuit tufting and channel tufting can all be used to create a look that’s right for you.

Wooden Frames

Not only can wooden frames give your sofas a great retro look, they also tend to make furniture more compact making them perfect for smaller spaces. To make the look even more dramatic, opt for wood paneling that wraps all the way around the back and sides of the sofa.


Velvet is a fabric we are seeing more of in modern furnishings. It provides an elegant and luxurious vibe that is perfect for today’s maximalist trends. Give your room a sense of opulence with a velvet sofa in a rich royal blue or toned-down mauve.

Vibrant Color

Color plays a major role in interior design and your couch is no exception. Currently we are seeing rich jewel tones like emeralds and deep shades of reds, blues and purples. You can also elevate your neutrals by using shades like blush pink and night watch green.

The sofa is such an important part of your living room. Make the most of your design by choosing a couch with a sleek modern design, a standout color and a fabric you love. What does your dream couch look like?

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