Rayman Boozer              
Michel Smith Boyd            
Tiffany Brooks        
Iantha Carley          
Nikki Chu                   
Penny  & Casi Francis       
Lorna Gross-Bryant                  
Alecia & Charles Johnson  
Nile Johnson           
Dereky & Alfred Hagler
Joy Moyler   
Leslie Rinehardt & Marvin Miller
Dennese Guadeloupe-Rojas
Erin Shakoor  
Cheryl Umbles

Apartment 48
Smith Boyd Interiors
Tiffany Brooks Interiors, Inc
Iantha Carley Interiors
Nikki Chu Home
Eclectic Home
Lorna Gross Interior Design
Pearl Design Interiors
Nile Johnson Interior Design, LLC
D and A Designs, LLC Inc
Joy Moyler Interiors
Rinehardt Miller Interiors
Interiors By Design, LLC
Shakoor Inc.
Cheryl Umbles Interior Design

New York
Washington, DC
Los Angeles
New Orleans
Washington, DC
New York
New York
New York

“The AATOP20 acknowledges those, who over the course of his or her interior design career, have established a body of superior work demonstrating creativity, skill and innovation. This group of professionals is recognized for their individual achievements and social consciousness in the interior design field.”

The African American Top 20 Interior Designers list would be nothing without the efforts put forth by those that help to comprise it. Each of these designers, with their distinctive styles and relentless work ethics, are nothing short of commendable. They take on projects in some of the most luxurious places and are bringing personalities to life with every sketch and concept. But a job well done is a job done with gratitude, humility and appreciation. It is the generous referrals and support from colleagues and clients that contributed to the nominations for the Top 20 List since its beginning.

We aim to continue to provide this list as a community resource that can be accessed by others who aim to carve out their own space in the design community. These designers stand ready and proud to represent the mission of BIDN and be exemplars in their own right. The designers are at the forefront, in support of each other and the movement.

To see past lists, please contact us : Info@blackinteriordesigners.org

Available Lists : 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015,2016,2017,2018

The mission of the African American Top 20 List is to celebrate diversity in the interior design industry by highlighting 20 accomplished interior designers each year.


Celebrate the unique contribution designers of color bring to the interior design industry.

Build a community resource of African American Interior Designers capable of handling design projects of various sizes and scope.

Showcase African American Home and Lifestyle through partnerships with various media outlets, books, magazines and blogs and network television appearances.

Use the combined wisdom of the designers on the African American Top 20 List to educate and encourage the next generation of interior design professionals.

10 Emerging Designers to Watch 2017-18


Beth Diana Smith-Beth Diana Smith Interiors

Amber Williams-AW Design House Interiors

Casi St. Julian- Eclectic Home Interiors

Chase Dowell-Chase Dowell Interiors

Denise Alexander-Denise Alexis Interiors

Dominique Calhoun-Remix Living Interiors

Kesha Franklin- Halden Interiors

Nicole White-Nicole White Designs Interiors

Kymberlyn Lacy-International Flair Designs Interiors

Keia McSwain-Kimberly+Cameron Interiors