warm mimimalism

While the growing trend of minimalism permeates the design world in the form of sleek lines and low profile furniture, homeowners also desire an ambience of warmth and invitation. Once someone has carefully sifted through their belongings and decided which of those things hold the most value in their home, they may realize they’re left with a space that feels a little empty, or cold. If you have recently faced this design dilemma, there are a few suggestions for how to revive your space. The warm minimalism approach allows you to celebrate the items you love without forcing you to fill your space with things again.


Soften with Textiles


You may get the impression that warm minimalism requires bleach-white textiles, spacious floors, and empty countertops. While that may appeal to many people, you might wonder how to soften the space and add an element of coziness to your room. One way to accomplish this is by adding a few textiles throughout your space. Choose from throws, pillows, and rugs to accent your space without overwhelming it. Not only do textiles add pops of color, they add textures to the clean lines in your furniture, inviting people to take off their shoes and have a seat.


Paint Your Walls


We’ve all heard that paint is the quickest way to transform any room. It’s also one of the most affordable ways to change up your space. If you’ve held onto white walls for too long and feel like there’s something stark and cold about your space, consider adding depth and comfort to your room with color. With minimalist design, you actually have more freedom with your color choices, since you likely don’t have overarching themes throughout your rooms. Typically, you have functional furniture with clean lines, which opens up the possibilities with fun applications of color.

If you’re looking for more warmth, consider blush tones, subtle greens, or grays with tan undertones to make your room a cozy destination for friends and family-and yourself.


Add Life to Your Room (Literally!)


Plants have multiple positive effects on the aesthetic of a room. They are natural air purifiers and are also known for providing multiple health benefits, like sharpening your focus and reducing stress. More commonly, we appreciate plants for their visual impact. Some plants help to add pops of color, while simple green plants provide a clean, polished aesthetic. Either way, they have a positive effect on our psychology because they represent bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside. Adding life to a room with plants is a great way to make your home feel comforting, serene, and warm.


Minimalism is a style that has made it’s way into the limelight again. There are many components to that style that can be adapted with your own interpretation of what it means to be minimalist. You may want to surround yourself only with things that you find to be useful and functional but there’s no reason why they can’t also be colorful, warm, and inviting. Use these tips as you search for ways to enliven your space and give it the welcoming atmosphere you desire.

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